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Marco Bruzzone ‘Ciao Mondo’ Beach Towel (2022)

Marco Bruzzone
Ciao Mondo, 2022
Beach Towel
80 x 160 cm
96 % Cotton
4% Recycled polyester
Produced and sewn in North Carolina, USA.


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Marco Bruzzone produced his oversized beach towel which he titled “Ciao Mondo” as part of his exhibition Glub Club (An Underwater Turmoil) realised at EntrĂ©e Gallery in Bergen in 2022,

Glub Club explored the artist’s relationship with the sea. The artist submerged a series of paintings, allowing natural processes to take over the creative process. Evoking political slogans the paintings show with humour and care the incompatible scales of the human and the natural.

“Ciao Mondo” extends this interest in the slogan, offering winking acknowledgments of the realities of climate change as well as the promise of nature to release us from the constraints of the human world.